The Desert Fathers are such an important part of Church history!

In this episode of The Catholic Gentleman, Sam Guzman and John Heinen “unpack the tremendously rich patrimony the Desert Fathers have given the world, but are lost in the West.”

The guys speak with Oratorian Fr. David Abernethy, and revisit spiritual tradition, which is “unmatched in its ability to overcome temptations and grow in unity with Christ.”

They discuss strengthening the will, uniting the heart and mind, and how frequent asceticism helps one unite with God, especially  before death.

The guys also discuss these topics:

  • Catholic online conversations adding to the world’s noise
  • Ascetic practices vs. reparation for sins
  • Renewing Eastern Spirituality
  • The problem with today’s priests

Listen to the episode below:

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

What did you learn about the Desert Fathers?

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