This is clever!

A reddit user recently pointed out that the website for the Diocese of Pittsburgh has something pretty unique: a 404 “missing page” error message that features St. Anthony!

Here’s what it looks like:

The text reads: “Dear St. Anthony, Please come around. This page is lost and cannot be found.” It’s a takeoff of the traditional prayer to St. Anthony – patron of lost things – about finding something missing, except it’s about the webpage. You can see it for yourself right here!

A 404 error message means that you’ve tried to go a part of the website that doesn’t have a page. Most 404 error pages are boring and simply state that the page is missing, though some websites try to do something clever.

The bottom of the Diocese of Pittsburgh website says that it is “powered by eCatholic.” So whether it was the idea of someone at the diocese or eCatholic, kudos!

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