The controversy continues after singers Sam Smith and Kim Petras delivered a satanic performance at the 2023 Grammy Awards.

Smith, Petras, and their backup dancers portray themselves as devils and demons, surrounding themselves with cages, whips, and fire. The dancing, costumes, and lyrics are also sexually provocative and explicit.

Mexican priest Father Rafael Pacaníns went viral after pointing out a worrying celebrity trend: their open insistence on Satanism.

The viral response of a priest after a satanic performance at the Grammys

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Here’s the translation:

“Yesterday, Sam Smith performed a satanic show at the Grammys,” Father Rafael Pacaníns said in the tweet, later adding,  “More and more celebrities openly insist on Satanism.”

He then pointed out that “satanists perform abortion rituals in the USA in the name of religious freedom.”

“The spiritual battle is real. Take the weapons. Ephesians 6,” he concluded.

As of this writing, his response received over 124,000 views, about 1600 likes, and more than 700 retweets.

Here’s how some users reacted:

One user said, “Confession, communion, rosary, prayer, helping others. These are our weapons.”

Another user asked, “How do we face the spiritual battle father? How should we prepare?”

Father Pacaníns responded, “Taking the spiritual weapons that Saint Paul mentions in Ephesians 6. And living very united to the Eucharist.”

This user also asked, “What can we do, Father? Besides pray?”

The priest said, “Be saints. Only the saints have brought down, with the strength of God, the power of the devil throughout the centuries. We need to launch a holiness revolution in the Church.”

The Growth of Satanism in Society

Father Pacaníns is not the only priest discussing this growing tendency towards satanism among celebrities and in society.

Dominican priest Father François-Marie Dermine, a renowned exorcist, noted that “the devil is openly praised and attracts many people–this figure of the devil who emancipates himself from God to lead his life as he pleases.”

“There is also a growth of real Satanic groups, whereas in the past they were a very exceptional reality. They are multiplying in a very worrying way,” he stressed.

A few weeks ago, Madonna gained notoriety after making a parody of the Last Supper and Our Lady of Sorrows.

In March 2021, American rapper Lil Nas X announced his release of “Satan Shoes”. The Nike Air Max shoes contain a drop of human blood, a pentagram, and have “Luke 10:18” stitched onto them.

In August of that year, the Converse shoe brand promoted a new model of sneakers with an advertisement referencing satanic symbols.

Let us pray for the conversion of Hollywood!

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle!

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