“Good Morning, honored graduates of The Lutheran University of America!” said comedian Jim Gaffigan. “Oops wrong speech. That’s for next weekend.”

Thus began Jim and Jeanne Gaffigan’s hilarious commencement speech at Catholic University of America. With personal stories, good advice, and of course great jokes, the Gaffigans gave a speech the graduating students are sure to remember.

Jim Gaffigan is a successful stand-up comedian and currently stars in the TV show The Jim Gaffigan Show. Jeanne, his wife, is a co-creator and writer for the show. Together they have five children. And they’re not afraid to talk publicly about their Catholic faith: it’s a regular theme in both Jim’s comedy and on their show.

“As you put your trust in God,” Jeanne told the students as one of their speech’s main themes, “things that seem impossible will become possible.”

If you’d prefer to read their speech, you can find a full text on the CUA website.

But at just under 12 minutes, the speech is a fun and worthwhile watch:

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