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On this week’s episode of The Catholic Talk Show, Ryan Scheel, Ryan DellaCrosse, and Fr. Rich Pagano discuss “7 Amazing Archaeology Finds that Support the Bible.”

Co-host Ryan Scheel reveals the the oldest recorded mention of God ever found.

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 What Is The Oldest Recorded Mention of God Ever Found?

“The first possible mention that archeologists have ever discovered of the word ‘Yahweh’ and the use of it comes from a 15th-century BC inscription from the temple Soleb by Amenhotep III,” Scheel begins.

“To understand why you find archeological evidence of ‘Yahweh’ in Egypt, understanding the history at the time is important. The rulers of that time wanted to self-aggrandize and support their own power base.”

“Because biblical archeology typically centers around the Hebrews and the Christians who were not historically powerful people, most of their settlements were ultimately destroyed.

“So the only times that we really find very strong mentions of them are about the people who conquered them.

“In this mention on one of the columns in the Temple of Amenhotep III, the first mention that archeologists say ‘this is probably about Yahweh’, it mentioned the ‘Shasu of Jahu’ in the land of Jahu,” Scheel explains. “‘Shasu‘ was the Egyptian way of saying ‘Nomads.’

“On this, they said Amenhotep had conquered these people…they say ‘the Shasu of Y-H-W.’

“So archeologists say this is probably the first time anyone actually recorded the word ‘Jahu,’  and they say Egyptians had conquered these Nomadic people who believed in Jahu.”

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