This Medieval “Worst Ever Depiction” of St. George and the Dragon Is Hilarious

@MedievalG, Twitter / ChurchPOP

Happy feast of St. George!

St. George has been the patron of England for centuries, and you can find beautiful St. George iconography there as a result. But not every artistic attempt is the same!

A great Twitter account called Medieval Graffiti from the Norfolk Medieval Graffiti Survey organization decided to mark the feast of St. George today by sharing what they called England’s “worst ever depiction” of the famous image of St. George fighting the dragon.

Here’s their tweet:

@MedievalG, Twitter

The text reads: “It’s back… Medieval England’s worst ever depiction of St George and the dragon? Probably… Marsham, Norfolk. #StGeorgesDay”.

In a follow-up tweet, they said they found this scratching in All Saints church in Marsham, Norfolk, England.

People replying on Twitter got a kick out of the funny picture. “I think you misspelled ‘best,’” one person said. “This is the England I’m proud of,” said another. “No! I like it, it has a certain kindergarten charm :),” said another.

Someone also made a funny animated gif using the picture that makes the characters fight, which you can view here.

St. George, please pray for us!

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