Happy 5th Birthday, ChurchPOP! Here’s Some of Our Best Content Ever

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April 11, 2019 marks the ChurchPOP’s 5th birthday. Happy Birthday to ChurchPOP!

In celebration of this great day, here’s a top 10 countdown of our best-performing ChurchPOP articles EVER! These are the highest-visited articles in ChurchPOP’s history.


Top 10 ChurchPOP Articles:


10) 27 Delightfully Terrible Christian Puns to Annoy the Heck Out of Your Friends With


9) A Priest’s Warning Against the Devil’s 10 Deadliest Tricks


8) How the Famous Sell Their Soul to Satan


7) 16 Churches So Beautiful They’ll Take Your Breath Away


6) 10 Reasons Some Women Are Wearing Veils in Church Again


5) Why Satan Is So Scared of St. John Paul II, According to Rome’s Chief Exorcist


4) 5 Extraordinary Eucharistic Miracles that Left Physical Evidence (With Pictures!)


3) 3 Beautiful Celebrities Who Gave It All Up to Become Nuns (or Close)


2) Your Comprehensive Guide to Ash Wednesday Ashes


1) How All the Apostles Died & Where You Can Find Their Remains Today


Happy Birthday to ChurchPOP!

Which is your favorite ChurchPOP article? Let us know!

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