“All Hell Broke Loose”: Family Returns to Church After Demonic Encounters in Haunted Home

Shane Gorski, Flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0

We received a frantic call from a man in Indiana who was a non-practicing Baptist, and his wife was not a believer. They had two children.

They recently inherited their house from relatives.

The man who previously lived in the house was known to have molested minors and also involved in the occult. He died in April and they moved in around June.

Shortly after they moved in: “All hell broke loose,” … literally.

They saw dark shadowy figures. There were radical temperature drops in isolated places in the house, e.g. from 70 degrees to 30 degrees. The dog was barking uncontrollably. The children heard a “voice” from the basement calling to them.

They often heard strange noises and banging. At night, there was a “presence” which got on the Father’s chest and pinned him down. He couldn’t move and could barely breathe. When this happened, he commanded out loud, “In the name of Jesus, get off me!” He did this three times and it stopped.

They continued to hear loud bangs and a voice say, “hey” and whistling. It sounded like someone was jumping on the floor above and objects shook in the room.

The daughter felt something touch her leg and she saw a shadow figure. Kitchen drawers slammed shut. They heard sounds like someone walking around. The wife felt a breeze of air while in the shower and it felt like something was in shower with her.

The first priest they contacted seemed skeptical. He asked them if they had mice.

They were obviously upset and said, “These things are very real, very scary, and very nasty. I feel like until someone experiences these things that they don’t understand what we’re going through and how they have affected everything.”

The entire family was terrified and were sleeping together in the same bedroom at night.

This was an emergency. It can destroy a family and their emotional health. So, I immediately contacted the Catholic priest in the nearby parish. He said he was about to go on vacation the next day. I explained the situation to him and he dropped everything and exorcized the house that evening. God bless him!

A few days later, I contacted the father of the family. How is it? He responded, “I would say things are better because before, things were really bad. The sounds of walking on the floor and sounds of banging and tapping have returned. But it is not as bad.”

After the priest returned from vacation, I asked him to exorcize the house a second time, which he did. It has been over a year now, and all continues to be quiet in the house. The demonic infestation is apparently gone.

There was no doubt that the house was infested. First, there was a clear reason for the presence of demons.

The previous owner had molested minors and practiced the occult– two major demonic doorways. They were basically sane people and the wife didn’t even believe in such stuff (until recently).

The reported symptoms were classic signs of a demonic infestation. And they were so truly terrified that they slept in the same room. Happily, there was a generous priest nearby who assisted. Also, it was great that it only took two sessions. With deeply entrenched demonic presences, it can take more.

Not surprisingly, that family now sits in the front pews of their church on Sundays. The father told me, “We have grown a really strong bond with the Pastor and other church members.”

He added, “We have thanked God and continue to thank God for the blessings he has given us.”

This article originally appeared in the St. Michael’s Center for Spiritual Renewal’s Exorcist Diary blog.

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Msgr. Stephen Rossetti is a priest in the Diocese of Syracuse, research associate professor at the Catholic University of America and actively involved in the deliverance ministry for the past 13 years. Visit his website at catholicexorcism.org.