Celebrating St. Joseph’s Solemnity? Here’s 6 Simple Ways to Honor This Great Saint

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Happy Solemnity of St. Joseph! 🎉 🙌  🎉 🙌

March 19 the Church celebrates the Solemnity of St. Joseph, patron of the Universal Church–and it’s never too late to celebrate!

Be a Heart Design and author Augusta D’Ambrosio published “6 Simple Ways to Celebrate St. Joseph’s Feast Day” on Instagram. Some of these ideas include spending time in prayer and silence, creating a “St. Joseph’s Table,” and wearing certain colors.

How are you celebrating?

Remember, Code of Canon Law says Catholics are not required to abstain from meat on Solemnities! 😉

Here’s some simple ways to celebrate the Solemnity of St. Joseph:

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How do you celebrate St. Joseph’s solemnity?

St. Joseph, patron of the Universal Church, please pray for us!

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