“I Heard Sobbing”: Hospitalized Baby Meets Jesus in Adoration in Powerful Story of Faith in the Eucharist

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston, Flickr, CC BY-NC 2.0

This is a beautiful story! 😭

A female Twitter user posted an incredibly moving story about an experience she had in Eucharistic adoration. The woman’s name is Gianna, a 20-year-old Catholic journalism student.

“I witnessed something so profound tonight that reminded me, in light of the recent news and messiness in the Church, the beauty of this faith,” she wrote. “I was in adoration earlier this evening when a family came in. Almost immediately, I heard sobbing.”

Here’s her story below:

@feliixculpaa, Twitter

Gianna’s first tweet reads, “I witnessed something so profound tonight that reminded me, in light of the recent news [and] messiness in the Church, the beauty of this faith. Read away. / I was in Adoration earlier this evening when a family came in. Almost immediately, I heard sobbing.”

@feliixculpaa, Twitter

The second tweet reads, “I’ll be honest–my first reaction was annoyance. I just wanted some peace [and] quiet with the Lord. Then [one] of the family members took out her phone [and] walked up to the monstrance. I realized she was on FaceTime, [and] from where I was sitting, I could see her phone screen.”

@feliixculpaa, Twitter

Gianna’s next tweet reads, “On the other end was a crying baby boy hooked up to a bunch of tubes. This family was showing the baby [and] those with him the Eucharist through the phone. I was stunned. The family began praying out loud in Spanish [and] in my limited comprehension, I picked up some of it.”

@feliixculpaa, Twitter

Gianna’s fourth tweet reads, “They called Jesus ‘el Doctor’ and begged Him for healing. They stayed for over half an hour, kneeling, sitting, praying, and crying. I ended up just sitting there the remainder of the hour, praying for them and just listening to them pray. It was so profound.”

@feliixculpaa, Twitter

The fifth tweet reads, “I talked to the family after, and they said the baby was indeed very sick, but they think he will be okay. I was reminded though, amidst my own struggles with the Church and the recent public scandals, of the beauty of this faith.”

@feliixculpaa, Twitter

Gianna’s next tweet reads, “The beauty that is found right there, in those hidden moments–we don’t see in the media. The beauty that is found in the Eucharist–something so profound, it compelled this family to show up to church just so that baby boy could see the face of Christ in the monstrance.”

@feliixculpaa, Twitter

Gianna’s last tweet reads, “I pray to one day have the faith this family has. May we never take the Eucharist [and] the sacraments for granted. May we all come to know Jesus in the Eucharist and implore Him as our Divine Physician, always . And please pray for the baby and his family tonight.”

What do you think of Gianna’s story?

Say a prayer for this baby! Jesus, I trust in you! 🙏

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