“Sacrilege”: Parish Hosts Fashion Show in Puerto Rico Catholic Church, Sparking Outrage

Magacín, Facebook / ChurchPOP

Lord have mercy!

Stella Maris Parish in San Juan, Puerto Rico hosted a fashion show inside its church on Fri., Oct. 22., displaying Puerto Rican designer Bea Rodríguez Suárez’s new clothing line.

The show intended to raise funds for Stefano Foundation, which benefits parents who lost children to violence.

However, videos of the event generated outrage on social media. Many users posted prayers of reparation and considered the show “blasphemous,” “a sacrilege,” and “unacceptable”.   

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A news media outlet posted the original video, and a Twitter user reposted it with commentary. The original video generated more than 4,000 reactions and almost 6,000 comments on Facebook.

Here’s the video below:

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

The full Twitter post reads, “A fashion [show] at Stella Maris Church in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Regardless of purpose (supposedly to raise funds), this is unacceptable.”

The user added a second tweet with a photo of several reactions.

@PRTrad1, Twitter

The tweet reads, “Thankfully, the overwhelming majority of the people commenting [do] not endorse this and see it as a sacrilege.”

Here’s what some users said about the event:

@WillyHayes8, Twitter

This Twitter user said, “Blasphemous! Using God’s house as a marketplace!”

This Facebook user also said, “God forgive your people who use your house to mock you again, forgive those who do not recognize your house as God’s house and do not respect it. Mother Mary, forgive and intercede for us, and help us make reparations for [this] mockery, sacrilegious and blasphemy. Sorry 🙏.”

Lillian Polanco, Facebook

Another Facebook user said, “Wow. Where are we going. My personal opinion–this is disrespectful. God’s house is of Worship and Prayer. There are other places to do this.”

Zulmarie Lopez Allison, Facebook

This Facebook user also said, “Why in a church? I think that is unnecessary! There are many places where this can be done! This is disrespectful! I am amazed that even a Catholic priest has allowed this to happen in his own church.”

What are your thoughts about this event?

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