“Grotesque Behavior”: Activists Invade Church During Mass in Brazil (Video Inside)

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Please pray for the conversion of these people!

Left-wing activists angry about the death of two African-Brazilians invaded a Catholic church in Brazil during the celebration of the Mass on Sat., Feb. 5.

Groups representing the Brazilian Communist Party (PCB) and the Workers Party (PT) invaded the Church of the Rosary in Curitiba, Paraná in Brazil.

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Councilman Renato Freitas (pictured above) of the Workers’ Party, along with other protesters, loudly chanted and waved their flags in response to the recent deaths.

Reports allege that three suspects beat 24-year-old Congolese immigrant Moïse Kabagambe to death after he asked for unpaid wages.

Durval Teófilo Filho, another African-Brazilian, died outside his home in São Gonçalo after someone mistook him for a thief. The suspect shot him.

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The Workers’ Party said they chose the Church of the Rosary because of its “historical relationship…with the black population of Curitiba.” They added that it was built “by and for enslaved people, since black men and women could not enter other churches in our country…”

Here’s the video below:

Curitiba Archbishop denounces “grotesque behavior”

Archbishop José Antonio Peruzzo of the Archdiocese of Curitiba denounced the groups’ actions as “aggression and insults,” saying they “urged invasive, disrespectful and grotesque behavior.”

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Here’s the Archbishop’s full statement:

Archdiocese of Curitiba, Screenshot

Here’s the text of his statement:

“On February 5, 2022, around 5:00 pm, a group appeared at the door of the Rosário Church, to protest against the violence in the state of Rio de Janeiro, whose final outcome was the death of a Congolese citizen. and, in another case, the death of an Afro-descendant Brazilian. It was at the same time as the celebration of Mass. Asked not to disrupt the liturgical moment, leaders of the group urged invasive, disrespectful and grotesque behavior.

“It is true that the racial issue in Brazil still requires a lot of reflection and honest analysis, which promote public policies with a view to contemplating the equal rights of all. But it is no less true that justice and peace will never be achieved with intemperance or unbalanced impulsivity.

“Since its first inauguration, in 1737, the Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos Church has always been a place of veneration and celebration of the faith. It was the slaves who built it. Today, many Afro-descendants visit it. And they do it in groups or individually. They always excelled in deep respect, even when they were not Catholics.

“Unfortunately, what happened last Saturday was aggression and insults. It’s easy to see who stimulated them.

“The position of the Archdiocese of Curitiba is one of repudiation of injurious desecration. The Law and free citizenship were also attacked. On the other hand, it is not intended to “politicize”, “partisan” or exacerbate reactions. Confrontations are not peacemakers. What is now wanted is to safeguard the dignity of the wonderful, and also painful, history of that Temple.”

Our Lady, Queen of Peace, please pray for us!

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