Kanye West’s Surprising Reaction to Shia LaBeouf’s Catholic Conversion on Social Media

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This is awesome! 😀

Rapper Kanye West reacted to the news of actor Shia LaBeouf’s conversion to the Catholic faith on Instagram.

News broke last week that ‘Transformers’ and ‘Indiana Jones’ star Shia LaBeouf embraces the Catholic faith in a Bishop Robert Barron interview. The 36-year-old actor attends Mass as often as possible, both on weekdays and every Sunday.

One Twitter user posted an image from Fox News’ Instagram page of LaBeouf’s conversion story news.  The image shows Kanye West’s Instagram handle circled, because the rapper “liked” the story.

Here’s the tweet below:

@Italian347, Twitter / Fox News, Instagram

The user’s tweet reads, “Oh my”.

West often openly expresses his Christian views with the public. In recent years, the rapper released Christian albums and merchandise, and expressed his anti-abortion and pro-family views.

Here’s what some users think about West’s reaction to LaBeouf’s story:

@Praetor_Dei, Instagram

This user said, “The grand conversion is coming.”

@MagnumWillian, Twitter

Another user said, “Every orthodox is happy that he found Jesus, including me.”

@bedziemagik, Twitter

This user added, “Kanye has already returned to God some time ago, he is definitely not a Catholic, but he calls them brothers in general.”

@TaylorAB91, Instagram

This user also said, “Padre Pio’s intercession is going to single handedly save Hollywood. Wild.”

Update on Shia LaBeouf’s conversion

Catholic News Agency spoke with Brother Alexander Rodriguez, O.F.M., a close confidant of LaBeouf. The brother said LaBeouf has not yet completed his catechetical education program through RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation) due to his filming schedule.

He said LaBeouf still intends to receive confirmation, but he does not know if the actor received his first reconciliation.

What do you think of Kanye West’s reaction to LaBeouf’s conversion?

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