Matthew Sewell

Matthew Sewell

Spokane, WA Website

Matthew lives and works in Spokane, but is excited to one day return to Montana. A Happiness Engineer by day, he could stand to read more and watch Netflix less. He hosts the Popecast podcast & blog.

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7 GIFs to Show the Apostles Were People, Too!

It’s often difficult to picture people from the age before cameras laughing, crying, or generally showing any emotion at all, especially considering that first real photographs of people tended to look like this: [See also: Stephen Colbert’s Funny Take on His Catholic Faith and Protestantism] [See also: How...

10 “Truth Bombs” About Chastity from the Catechism

Rarely has there been a more misunderstood word than chastity. The term that’s practically universally thought to be synonymous with “abstinence” has, in reality, and incredibly richer and deeper definition. Abstinence is merely refraining from doing an action — just a plain “no” — whereas chastity is essentially, “the successful integration...

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