Tyler Blanski

Tyler Blanski

Tyler Blanski is praying for a holy renaissance. He is the author of <a href="http://www.amazon.com/When-Donkeys-Talk-Rediscover-Christianity/dp/0310334985">When Donkeys Talk: Rediscovering the Myste

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Why Catholic Mommy Blogs Are So Awesome

You can almost hear the holy noise of their children playing in the other room while they upload photos from last night’s Candlemas dinner party. Joy spills onto every homepage like that glass of orange juice the toddler knocked over this morning. Intelligence lies open on every blog post...

Why So Many Young Evangelicals Are Becoming Catholic

Why do so many millennials become Catholic? It’s not because they’re hipper than thou, and it’s certainly not because they’re holier. Michelangelo’s writhing, unfinished statues of slaves, struggling in their prisons of stone, are a picture of millennial converts to Catholicism: broken and banished from...

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