Wow! What do you think of this?

The Facebook page Guadalupana Mission For The World Since 1948 published a fascinating photo of a prayer gathering in Africa. 

The photo, allegedly taken at the Subukia Shrine in Kenya in early Oct. 2022, seems to show the Blessed Virgin Mary in the sunset.

As of this writing, the post received almost 7,000 reactions, over 10,000 shares, and hundreds of comments.

Social media users also shared the images across several platforms, including Instagram and TikTok.

Here’s the photo below:

Guadalupana Mission For The World Since 1948, Facebook

Here’s an enlarged and cropped version of the image:

Guadalupana Mission For The World Since 1948, Facebook

The post inspired many social media users to pray and turn to Our Lady for help, protection, and intercession.

Here’s what some users said about the image:

Rocio Mayorga, Facebook

One user said, “How beautiful, our beautiful Mother. As always, we love you very much. Amen.”

Sandy Meraz, Facebook

Another post reads, “How beautiful, our Blessed Mother Mary, and how fortunate that she has manifested herself… [She] shows us that her maternal love [never separates from us.] Thank you, Mother, for the love and mercy [you have for] all your children. Blessed be you. Amen.”

Mary Miranda, Facebook

Facebook user Mary Miranda added, “Blessed be Mother! Cover my family with your mantle, especially my children…stay with them always! Take them from your hand, Mother!! I consecrate them to you.”

Romelia Tolentino, Facebook

Facebook user Romelia Tolentino also said, “Holy Mother of God and Our Mother, protect us from all danger. Pray for humanity to your Son, Jesus.”

What do you think of the photo? Is it an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary?

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