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Pro-Abortion Logic: Are People Really Thinking This Through??

[See also: 5 Feminist Pioneers Who Were Against Abortion] [See also: If Mothers ACTUALLY Talked the Way Pro-Choicers Do About Their Babies] Cartoon from [See also: Chilean Pro-Life Women Have Genius New Way to Protest Abortion] [See also: 7 Answers to the Ridiculous “Pro-Lifers Are Just Pro-Birth” Argument]...

Why Today is a GREAT Time to Be a Christian

[See also: Secrets of the Spiritual Realm: 12 Angelic Facts Every Christian Must Know] [See also: 15 Hilarious Real Complaints Medieval Scribes Left in Their Margins] Comic by [See also: The Hidden Meanings of the Names of the 12 Apostles] [See also: The Secret “Miracle of the Sun”...

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