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No, the Truth of Christianity Is Not Based on Your Feelings!

[See also: Pentecostal Benny Hinn Says Catholics Have More Miracles, Credits Eucharist] [See also: Secrets of the Spiritual Realm: 12 Angelic Facts Every Christian Must Know] Comic from [See also: How All the Apostles Died & Where You Can Find Their Remains Today] [See also: 5 Extraordinary Eucharistic...

Why It's Super Important to Read Bible Verses in Context

[See also: The Hidden Meanings of 28 Ancient Names from the Bible] [See also: Persecuted Underground Christians Cry After Receiving Bibles for the First Time] Comic from [See also: What You Need to Know About the World’s Most Persecuted Minority] [See also: This TL;DR Version of...

Are Pro-Lifers Really the "Extremists" on Abortion?

[See also: “Blood & Children”: The Terrifying Nightmares of the First Full-Time Abortionists] [See also: This Ancient Heresy Explains Our Culture’s Embrace of Homosexuality & Abortion] Comic from [See also: “It’s My Body”: How Abortion is the Opposite of the Eucharist] [See also: Abortionist Has Terrifying...

Not Believing in Hell Doesn't Mean You Can't Go There

[See also: The Funny Thing that Happens When You Challenge Certain People’s Beliefs] [See also: The Bankrupt Theology of “Don’t Hurt My Feelings”] Comic from [See also: Spot the Pro-Choicer! Why Is This So Hard for Some People?] [See also: Suffer from Anxiety? Look to Christ’...

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