Can epic tales inspire boys to become men of faith, virtue, and true masculinity?

In a recent episode of The Catholic Gentleman, hosts Sam Guzman and John Heinen interviewed Commander Brandon Hale, a U.S. Navy JAG lawyer, father, and author of the “Prince Martin Epic” series.

Hale’s books emphasize heroism, true masculinity, and grit, offering young boys a positive alternative to the flawed heroes often found in popular culture.

Hale explains he began writing the Prince Martin series as a way to connect with his son while on military deployment.

“I started racking my brain: how can I connect with the little guy while I’m gone? So when I talked to him, I’d start telling him a Prince Martin story and just make one up on the spot.” 

He noticed a lack of meaningful literature for boys and aimed to create stories that encouraged the development of virtues and good character. His choice to write his stories in rhyme was inspired by the books he enjoyed reading to his children.

“I started to write in prose and it just seemed a little bit boring. Of all the books I’ve read to my kids over the years, the ones I didn’t mind reading for the 10th, 50th, or 100th time in a row were the ones that rhymed.”

While the books are not explicitly Catholic, they incorporate implicit themes of sacrifice and carrying one’s cross, reflecting Hale’s Catholic faith.

He shared that his conversion was influenced by reading a biography of J.R.R. Tolkien, which had a profound impact on his life.

“My Catholic-Christian worldview is absolutely implicit in what I’ve written. The virtues, the values, and the truths of our faith obviously influence the whole journey that Prince Martin is on.”

Hale delved into his disciplined writing routine, which involves waking up early in the morning and dedicating an hour each day to his craft.

He also emphasized the importance of spending time outdoors with your children to provide them with enriching experiences that nurture their imaginations. He believes activities like hunting, fishing, and working on the land not only creates lasting memories but fortify family bonds.

With the Prince Martin series, Hale offers young boys a unique literary experience that promotes virtues, values, and spiritual growth, helping them develop into faithful men of character.

“I wanted to create books that challenge boys in that way, to make them develop those virtues, those acquired habits, to become good men someday.”

His approach to storytelling serves as an inspiring reminder of the impact that literature can have on the spiritual growth of children.

Here’s the episode below:

Let’s introduce our young boys to stories that challenge them to grow in faith and virtue, ultimately shaping them into the Catholic gentlemen of tomorrow!

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