🤣🤣🤣 This is so funny!

Below is a hilarious video of Mother Angelica – beloved foundress of EWTN – absolutely losing it laughing at one of her jokes. And the laughter is contagious!

Mother Angelica is responding to Pope St. John Paul II’s 1994 decision to approve female altar servers. Here’s what she says:

“Well, we had kind of a mixed joy today. The Holy Father approved altar girls and the liberals are so excited because it came from the Vatican. It’s the first time they’ve been obedient in 30 years.

Then she just loses it laughing – and can’t stop! After nearly a minute of laughter, she finally composes herself and continues:

“There hasn’t been a document that came from the Holy See in 30 years that they haven’t picked apart, dissected, you know, put it in File 13, you know where File 13 is. It’s been wholesale rebellion. And this is the first – I thought we’re making advancement, folks. Even the liberals are finally getting obedient.”

Here’s the video:

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