Happy Feast of the Transfiguration of Jesus!

Archeologists in the Holy Land discovered the foundations of an approximately 1300-year-old Byzantine-era church near Mount Tabor, the site where many Christians believe Jesus transfigured before the disciples.

The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) announced the discovery in late July.

While excavating an area to build a playground in the Lower Galilee village of Kfar Kama near Mount Tabor, the IIA and Kinneret Academic College found the walls of the old mosaic Byzantine church.

Archaeologist Nurit Feig said the church’s aisles are “partially preserved” as mosaics. 

“The church, measuring 12×36 [meters], includes a large courtyard, a narthex foyer and a central hall. Particular to this church is the existence of three apses (prayer niches), while most churches were characterized by a single apse,” Feig said.

“Their colorful decoration stands out, incorporating geometric patterns, and blue, black and red floral patterns,” she added.

Feig said they also discovered a small reliquary, or “a stone box used to preserve sacred relics.”

Archeologists also found separate rooms adjacent to the church, indicating the possibility of a sixth-century monastery. The IAA will continue working in the area for additional discoveries.

Akka, Israel Archbishop Youssef Abedallah Matta was also present at the site to visit the excavations.

Holy Land priest Fr. Francesco Voltaggio posted the church’s photos on his Twitter account along with this message:

@francescogiosue, Twitter

Fr. Voltaggio’s translated tweet reads, “Under the Holy “Land” how many treasures to discover! A 1300-year-old mosaic Byzantine church [with beautiful mosaics] was discovered in Kfar Kama, near Mount Tabor, Israel.”

Here’s photos of the church below:

@francescogiosue, Twitter

@francescogiosue, Twitter

@francescogiosue, Twitter

@francescogiosue, Twitter

What do you think of this discovery?

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