The angels are powerful helpers and protectors!

Approximately two weeks into the Russo-Ukrainian war, thousands have died, infrastructure continues to be destroyed, and devastation plagues the land.

However, a Ukrainian archbishop provided a glimmer of hope for the world in a March 4 video.

Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church said that civilians tell him they see “luminous angels” over the country. He believes Kyiv’s patron, St. Michael the Archangel, as well as the “the whole Heavenly Host,” fight alongside the Ukrainians.

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“Here, in Kyiv, we perceive that the patron saint of our city is the Archangel Michael, who with the cry “Who is like God” cast into the abyss Lucifer–the one who rose up against God’s truth and was the leader of the diabolical armies.”

“We perceive today that the Archangel Michael, together with the whole Heavenly Host, is fighting for Ukraine. So many people from different parts of Ukraine turned to me, saying they saw luminous angels over the land of Ukraine.”

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Here’s the video (with English subtitles) below:

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In another video published on March 9, the archbishop explained some of the terrible destruction occurring.

He said that bombings throughout Ukraine destroy their “spiritual heritage,” and priests, volunteers, the elderly, women, and children are being killed.

“In this war, we see that civilians are becoming the main victims,” the archbishop said. “Residents of towns and villages, vulnerable people, women, children, and the elderly suffer the most.”

“Under the bombs, our spiritual heritage is being destroyed. Temples, our spiritual, cultural values…They kill priests, volunteers, all those who are trying in some way to alleviate the suffering of the Ukrainian people, who are bleeding.”

Here’s the video below:

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Pope Francis’ Prayer for Peace in Ukraine

Lord God of peace, hear our prayer!
Open our eyes and our hearts,
and give us the courage to say:
“Never again war!”;
“With war everything is lost.”

Instill in our hearts the courage
to take concrete steps to achieve peace.
Keep alive within us the flame of hope,
so that with patience and perseverance
we may opt for dialogue and reconciliation.
In this way, may peace triumph at last.


@Pontifex, Twitter

Please pray for peace in Ukraine! 

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