Miraculous: Rosary Allegedly Forms While Priest Pours Water During Baptism in Amazing Photo

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This is so cool! ­čś▒

An amazing photo of a baby’s baptism recently circulated social media. However, it is not an ordinary baptismal photo.

As the priest pours water over the baby’s head, the water appears to form into a rosary. Several online sources claim the photo is not edited.

Here’s the amazing photo below:

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Sources say the Argentinian news outlet Cadena 3 first covered the story in late 2009. This website then explains the photo’s alleged backstory.

Photographer Mar├şa Silvana allegedly captured the photo during baby Valentino Mora’s baptism at the Cathedral of C├│rdoba in Despe├▒aderos, Argentina.

The baby’s 21-year-old single mother Erica Mora could not pay Silvana for her services, so the photographer captured the photo as a favor.

The photo “caused a commotion in the Cordoban town of Despe├▒aderos, where residents demanded copies of the image as if it were a stamp.”

Regardless of its authenticity, the photo can remind us of Our Lady’s loving maternal care over her children.

Our Lady of the Rosary, please pray for us!

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